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Douglas Kilborn

REALTOR®, Residential & Commercial

Meet Doug Kilborn, a trusted real estate agent with deep roots in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. Doug is from a large family that has spread itself all over the panhandle, including Destin Florida, where his  has family had a second home since the 70s. If Doug wasn’t surfing with friends or fishing & hanging out with the old Salties on The Destin Docks, he was tagging along as his father wherever he went, picking up on the art of rubbing elbows & negotiation. Young Doug’s life was changed forever when his father yanked him out of school and took him to Australia to go Marlin Fishing on the Great Barrier Reef. Doug’s passion for travel and adventure was born, and since that time he has spent years traveling the world seeking out ways to keep his quest for an adrenaline rush alive. Whether it was surfing in Costa Rica, hiking through the Mountains outside of Madrid , or navigating down the Chao River in Bangkok, Doug was happiest meeting & exchanging stories with the locals. There are many beautiful places around the world, and Doug has lived in several, but it’s always about the people, and the Southern hospitality and way of life Doug grew up with in South Alabama always brought him home. With experience in television, radio, and internet marketing, Doug has done commercial work locally and hosted several TV shows for a BLAB TV, which covers local events along the panhandle & promotes businesses from Panama City to New Orleans. Doug is one of those people who seems to know everyone, whether he’s met them or not, and he decided to use his relationship skills as a realtor in Fairhope back in 2001. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or tracts of land at any size, Doug has the ability to find what you want or sell what you have. Doug believes in asking the right questions and that truly listening to his customers & clients is the key to achieving success and getting what they want. When you deeply understand the cares and concerns of people, it makes for relationships that can last for years, and those are the relationships Doug will strive to build. 

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